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School of Evangelism and Pioneering – Muthu & Kavitha, V.267

School of Evangelism and Pioneering 
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YWAM, South India


Christmas in the Slums

This Christmas we bought 400 blankets for the homeless. We started the distribution in Jogeswari area. This is the area we want to start our Sewing Ministry for the Widows and Abused Women. There are over 300,000 homeless people. Please pray for them as this is the cold season here. Thank you for your support. Muthu and Kavitha, YWAM Ministries

DTS- Please pray for our new Discipleship Training School (DTS). We are conducting this Tamil DTS in a Padappai church. We have twenty students. Two are college students at Vincent and Vijay college and they have committed their lives to believe, follow, and live for Je*** They took baptism and each received a new biblical name to replace their name that was rooted in a Hindu God. Their name was given to them by the local Priest.

THE FIRST COMMUNION –  We celebrated the first Breaking of Bread in our slum / homeless community church last evening. It was pitch dark but we could see the powerful light of Jesus! Please continue to pray for the total transformation of the homeless in our city.

TRAINING WITH THE POOR – This week as part of our training on Urban Poverty in our School of Urban Mission, our staff and students will be staying in the roadside, slums and train stations in Mumbai. Also, we will be prayer walking from Versova to Panvel (80 km). Pls pray for protection and also a fruitful week.

Muthu & Kavitha, Princy, Prince and Precious.
YWAM South India


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family photo3School of Evangelism and Pioneering 
Muthu, Kavitha, and family

Hi, I, Muthu, was born and brought in a Hindu family in a remote village called Mathalamparai in South India. I was the 10th child in my home so I was loved very much by my parents. As it is Hindu custom to worship many gods and goddesses, I was worshiping some gods. Particularly I enjoyed going a long distance by walk to worship our own family god named “Narayanan”. My family every year offered chickens as sacrifice to this god. Another favorite goddess we worshipped was called “Mariamma”- Mother of rain. And I derived my name-Marimuthu (meaning “Mari-Rain and Muthu-Pearl). As the years rolled I was becoming more militant in the Hindu faith. I joined as a member in a Hindu Religious fundamentalist organization called “Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh”(National Volunteer Movement). I worked with this organization for 3 years mainly attacking Muslims and Christianity. Particularly I was against Christians who came to preach Gospel in my village. We as a group spoke all filthy language and Christ and His followers. Even I destroyed Gospel literature. I was thinking falsely that I was serving God.

Meanwhile a group of Christians were praying for my salvation. One day a friend of mine who was a Christian met me and talked about life. In May 1991, I was thinking about my life and bad friendships, and I decided to follow my friend who told me about a Christian School. I joined this School in June and found that the school was a Bible Collage! Here I was touched by the love of Christians and later I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord.

By the grace of God, I completed my Bible College and was serving the Lord for one year in the same Collage. I felt from the Lord that I need to study more, so I went to another Bible Seminary and completed 2 more years of theological studies. In the year 1997 I joined YWAM.

I completed my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Dec 1997 at Bangalore, South India. Next two years I worked with Bangalore YWAM in Jesus Film Ministry. I did my School of Evangelism and Pioneering (SOEP) in end of 1999 and went on to
pioneer YWAM ministry along with a team to Jabalpur, North India. In 2001 I joined Pioneer ministries as staff and till today I am working with this.

Hi, I was born and brought up in a Christian family in a remote village in south India called “BNBasanth Nagar”. I was the first girl child for my family. When I was born my father got a permanent job in a cement factory. I was loved and cared for very much by all my family members. I was attending church regularly from my childhood. Later I deve
loped bad friendships which lead me astray. But I came to know the love of Jesus trough my family members and I received Jesus as my personal savior in the year 2000. My life was changes completely from then on. Later, I was called to become a missionary trough my missionary brother and sister-in-law.

I completed my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Kolkata from June through December 2000. For the next six months, I worked as DTS staff in Kolkata, which is located in North India. In 2001, I did the School of Evangelism and Pioneering (SOEP) in Guwahati, North East India. After this, I studied six months at Harvest chalkIndia Bible Collage in Guwahati. From 2002 Jan on, I am worked with Pioneer Ministries.

Muthu and Kavitha met in 2001 at the school of Evangelism and Pioneering (SOEP) while they were working as staff. While we both are waiting and praying nearly one year for the final “yes” from Kavithas parents. Her parents were reluctant because we both came from different cultures and we speak different languages. In the year 2003 on Jan 10th, the Lord joined us together.

Muthu and Kavitha are serving the Lord till today in YWAM. We are blessed with 3 children- Princy Samarpana (DOB-17 June 2004), Prince Aseervatham (DOB-31 Oct 2006), and lastly Precious.

Blessings and Love

Muthu & Kavitha,
Princy,Prince, Precious

family photo3School of Evangelism and Pioneering 
Muthu, Kavitha, and family

We have been pioneering YWAM ministries in Trichy for the last 7 years. One of the dreams that we had in the beginning of our pioneering was to have a place of our own where we can train hundreds of missionaries.

In YWAM we have moved several rental buildings and so we wanted to stay in one place. Also we did not want to keep on paying expensive rent.

We have been praying for the land of our own and the Lord has given us a place on the outskirts of Trichy.

Trichy new buildingWe have started the foundation work about two-years back. As we did not have the funds, it has been very slow building.

The training Centre will house missionaries and train them, we will train poor ladies with sewing skills, we will be a house of worship and rest place for the widows and we will be a light to the neighbors.

The Centre will be four floors. The floor will be filled with a church hall, offices, housing for singles, families, sewing training floor, class rooms for missionaries,and resting place for servants of God and there will be community development centre for neighbours.

PHASE ONE: To enclose the building with a roof and then to complete the first floor. We have finished the roof and need to start and finish the first floor. At this time, we need to raise $20,000 to finish this phase.

Please pray about this project of training people, saving lives, and sending missionaries throughout the world.

Blessings and Love

Muthu & Kavitha,
Princy,Prince, Precious

School of Evangelism and Pioneering 
Muthu, Kavitha, and family

For Family-Per Month
Housing $200.00
Food $100.00
3 Children School Fee $150.00
Travel $100.00
Medical $50.00
Offerings $100.00
Hospitality $100.00
Unexpected Expenses $50.00
Total $850.00
For Ministry-Per Month
Rent for training centre- $550.00
Food for Staff and Students $400.00
Pastors Ministry $200.00
HIV/AIDS $100.00
Widows Ministry $300.00
Other Ministries like Orphans,Blind $200.00
Travel $200.00
Honorarium $300.00
Unexpected expenses $100.00
Total $2,350.00
SUM TOTAL $3,200.00

Blessings and Love

Muthu & Kavitha,
Princy,Prince, Precious