Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out when the next outreach is?

Emailing is the best way. We will try to keep people posted on this website, on Facebook, and by email.

Where can I find Equip the Nations?

Our home office is in Elm Springs, AR, and our satellite office in Kansas City, KS.

Why doesn't Equip the Nations take a percentage out of the support checks?

The Board of Directors of Equip the Nations, Inc. has authorized the deduction of 8% of each donation received to be used for overhead expenses. However, we have not yet made these overhead deductions because there are a few donors that give specifically for overhead expenses. Our overhead in 2012 was 7.35% of donations. We pay no salaries, but we do have expenses of postage, wire fees, ink, paper, office equipment, phone, internet, and tax preparation fees. Whenever an electronic donation is made, there is a small fee from the credit card companies. This also is part of the overhead. There may come a day when we will need to deduct overhead expense from donations, but for now, we do not.

Who is YWAM ?

YWAM is Youth With A Mission, which is part of the University of the Nations. YWAM is the largest mission network agency in the world. Equip volunteers have been trained by YWAM, work alongside YWAM, and have been recognized by YWAM as a partner.

What is S.H.A.P.E.?

SHAPE is an acrostic for Spiritual gifts: Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences. Through a series of assessment questions found on this website, Christians may sense God’s call on their life and how He has SHAPEDed them for ministry.

When are the support monies sent to the missionaries?

The support checks are sent at least monthly. In most cases, we wire the support money so the missionaries don’t have to wait 30 days to cash the checks. We supply the missionary with a giving report, which includes the people who have given, the amounts given, and to which projects they have given.