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Russal, Kamari, and Staff
South India

The Hindu government still has our girls we saved from infanticide. The Covid19 lockdown brought our fight in the high court to a complete halt. As you can read throughout our other blog posts, people in our State wanted one child.  The Eastern slogan: “We two, but we are one.”  This means the government only wanted us to have one child. Because of customs in India, girls are very expensive to care for and to raise, so everyone wants a boy. In villages, some people were killing their infants when they discovered they had a girl.  We worked in these villages to literally rescue our girls from death. The parents of these girls didn’t want to get caught by the police so most of the details on the paperwork is incorrect. Now, we are in a big battle to make our government return our girls to us. We have made some headway, but it is an ongoing battle we can never give up. Our cost to keep the house for the girls so we can maintain our non-government status is very high. Now, the court is prohibiting us from discussing the Baby Girls Home situation with others. Please email for our current information.

This past month we have been busy doing personal evangelism. A new resource we have is a book written by a Hindu priest who accepted Christ. He is now in ministry here locally. His testimony is exciting and thousands of people have come to Christ after they have read his book. I met him at his office and purchased some copies of his book. We have been sharing them with our Hindu neighbors.

I am sharing the gospel and then leaving this book with people to read. One man who works at a local bank took the book home to read and I had asked him to return the book to me the next week. When I followed up with him the next week, he said the book was very interesting to read. His wife and children were reading it. We believe God is definitely working with them.

Our goal for next month is to buy more books and visit more people. We will share the gospel and leave the book with them to read. The ex-priest has another book he has written about hell. It makes the reader think about their eternal life. We want to buy it and distribute it as a follow up to the first book.

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for our Hindu neighbors who are reading this book to come to Christ.
2. My elderly mother is bedridden and in failing health, we care for her as we can.
3. We keep working to restore our kids back to us. We are waiting for the court to reopen after the lockdowns.

Please see the SPECIAL PROJECTS section in their blog for more information. Please continue to read their newsletter. You can keep up with and correspond with Russal and Kamari in the following ways:

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Girl’s Baby Home Russal Volume 2621

Baby Girl Home – Home Page Russal, Kamari, and Staff South India The Hindu government still has our girls we saved from infanticide. The Covid19 lockdown brought our fight in the high court to a complete halt. As you can read throughout our other blog posts, people in our State wanted one child.  The Eastern […]


Girl’s Baby Home Russal Volume 2607

Baby Girl Home Russal, Kamari, and Staff Courthouse Battle For Right To Keep Girls – I am standing outside the courthouse house with Karmari. It seems as though we have been living here the past year struggling with the go government with the rights to keep the girls. As you can read throughout the blog, people […]


Girl’s Baby Home Russal Volume 2606

Baby Girls Home Ministry Russal & Kumari Greetings: I am Russal Raj and my wife Kumari Russal, while working with the Bitner’s church planting team in an organization called Youth With A Mission we started visiting many remote villages where the people were rejecting their baby girls. We were not able to have children and […]

B_G_RGirl’s Baby Home
“Destitute’s Charitable Trust”

Our Start in Saving Babies from Infanticide:

Greetings in Jesus name, this is our privilege to share with you about our ministry and what we are doing for the kingdom of God in Chennai, India. Thanks for your valuable time through this site and information. “Destitute New Born Girl Babies Home” is in the State of Tamil Nadu. We are saving the lives of baby girls who otherwise through believes of some parents would be killed.header

Some district people believe that baby girls are not well and a curimage3se to their family. So they reject them as soon as they are born. In this site, we are giving some short details about how babies are abandoned, how we are saving baby girls from their death, as well as our other tasks of rescuing baby girls.

Something about us and our Vision:

I am Russal Raj and my wife Kumari Russal, we were both raised in Christian families and committed to the mission after our marriage. From 1998 to May 2006 we were trained and working in an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). We were involved with the Church Planting Team and worked with the local churches to train the lay leaders to reach the unreached people of Tamil Nadu with Tommy and Sonya Bitner. Through this ministry we were visited many remote villages where the people are Russal_Kumarirejecting their baby girls.

As we were helping plant many churches, we saw many terrible things! Our hearts broke for the lives of the innocent baby girls. We discussed this with our team members and leaders; our hearts were grieving for these baby girls.

We had lots of questions in our hearts and asked God why this happening? And who is going to save these babies from the death? And also we prayed, Lord, we want to save these babies for you, if you want to use us. Please give us a conformation! Then we know that you are with us. We didn’t want to do anything in our name or with our own will. For years we were keep praying like this. During this time, we learned and gained experience. Also, Kumari had a uterus problem and suffering every month, God completely healed her within these years after many doctor visits.

Conformation of the Vision:

Even though Kumari was healed, we were unable to have children. Throughout our ministry experience we prayed for many people who couldn’t conceive a baby. God heard our prayers and blessed many couples with a beautiful child. We continued pray and have others to pray for our own conception, but this was not God’s will for us. We had many prayerful questions concerning this issue. One day during prayer I asked, “God what plan do you have for us? Why are you not giving us a baby?” God spoke clearly with the scripture of Gen. 17:4. “As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shall be a father of many nations?” (Our Tamil Bible says: “you shall be a father of many Children”) we realized that God had a plan for us and He was going to fulfill it. After that I had worda dream that “many small fish were dying because they were out of water. People were stepping on the fish; some of them were already dead while others were in dying condition. But no one cared about them. Kumari and I took all the fish and put them back into the water safely.”

After I woke-up I shared the dream with my wife, she told me that she had the same dream! We realize that God wanted to save the babies that we were being killed though us. We also felt very strongly that we should not wait a second longer. These babies were “out of water like the fish in the dream” so to speak and they were being killed. We had to get started. We praised God for the confirmation and started making preparations.

Started to save Babies:

After this confirmation, we started to do some research on where and how these babies were being reject and killed. We collected lots of information, visited some organizations and talked with many leaders with lots of experience, and listened to sealsome helpful advice. Slowly but surely we were getting ready. Our years of prayer was fulfilled at God’s time. On 23rd June 2006 we registered our non-profit
organization named “Destitute Charitable Trust” and we started our Baby home. “Praise the Lord!” One by one we saved ten lovely baby girls so far. If we wrote all the stories about the things we faced as we were saving these baby girls it would easily cover more than hundred pages. Needless to say, there was a lot of opposition and embarrassment on the other side of line. In our culture, this will continue to cause much problems and difficulties for the rest of our lives.

A Short Story of receiving Babies:

I will give you one story shortly. We saved our second baby ANGELINE on 11-08-2006. Between the first and second baby, there are ten days. Everything was happening fast and was still brand new for us. About two-weeks, the parents came with some village people and asked for the return of their baby, but they could find Angel—we were long gone from that village. We are away from anyone they know. However, our contact person called us by telephone and explained the situation he was in. Kumari and I cri2 Angel_2006ed over the baby. We didn’t trust giving our lovely baby back to people who once wanted to kill her—we didn’t want to give our baby back! We didn’t know what to do in this situation. I talked with some other friends and got their opinion. All of them said the baby is better to be with her parents, so you give baby back to biological parents. Again we both pray to God and asked Him for Wisdom. We didn’t have any peace in our hearts to give baby back to them—again, how could we trust someone who wanted to kill their baby!?! Then God gave me a thought to ask the people why they want to have their baby back? Immediately, I called our contact person, and said, “Go to the village and find the reason why they wanted their baby back, now.” There the truth came out, their parents went to the magician.

The magician said “If your baby stays alive anywhere in the world, then she will bring curse to your family. Go, find the baby, and kill her immediately.”

I said him, “Go back to the people and talk with them boldly. Tell them if you do not leave from here immediately we will make complaint to the police and put all of you into the jail for attempted murder.” You are seeking baby to murder, we have witnesses in the village. So he told the people, and the people turn back. Praise the Lord! Now, the lovely baby Angel. She is growing with joy in God’s presence.

Angel just completed her eight years. She had a heart problem that led to an open heart surgery on 2nd December 2011. She is all right now and growing fast. When we see her smile, our heart is spilling over with joy and gladness. Always we thank God for the way he leading us and protecting our babies, each babies has thrilling stories like this. Other details and the great stories are given in this site. So please take a moment and go through. We urge you to keep praying for us and our baby girls.

How many babies we want to save?

image4We are not only just saving babies from being murdered; we want to stop this practice. We conduct many awareness programs in the villages where the murdering is happening. We educate them on how wrong it is to murder babies, that babies are a gift from God, how they can care for them and so on. Since we began conducting these programs in the villages, we have seen changes in their mindset and the number of babies being murdered is going down.

70% of infanticide has stopped in our region
We are sure within several years this practice will no longer be happening. But this IMG_0155moment, 30 percentage babies still being killed. We want to save more, as much we can.

Growth and health of babies:

Ten of our babies are going to an English school and learning three languages (English, Tamil and Hindi) school Principal and teachers said to us that all these children are very special to us, very good obedience, learning well and being very neat in the class room, showing the love of God with all other class met. That is really great, at home, they sit with us in the family prayer, sing and pray with us, we are teaching them to love Jesus and pray to him. From childhood they started the culture to love Jesus, when a baby do any mistake they say “do not do that, Jesus didn’t do it like this?”

In the school also, if one child gets feels sick, one says: “We pray to Jesus, He hear our prayer and heals us, so if you pray to Jesus.” We are glad to hear these reports also from the school teachers. The teachers enjoy watching children Christian worship.IMG_0502

We have a music master coming and teaching Indian classical music, it really great to see them sing. This academic year 2015-2016 we got admission in an International school, its a really God’s miracle, we are so grateful to God for our kids going to study in a international school, we are sure that they are going to be a great witness for the world.

Destitute?s Charitable Trust, is a Charitable Trust in the service of mankind, is based at Chennai, India. Established with registration no.2278 dt.23.06.2006.

Destitute?s Charitable Trust has been doing service for young female victims of abandonment due to cultural and sexual discrimination in India. We are also registered under Sec.12 AA of the IT Act. [Last update: 02-2013]

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. You can follow us and our girls lives through the following ways:

Our Experience:


  • High School certificate
  • 48 University credit hours towards a degree in Biblical Studies
  • Eight years ministry experience in YWAM
  • Evangelism and Church Planting training and leadership with YWAM
  • Care cell master trainingIMG_0595
  • Children ministry master training
  • Counseling master training
  • Administration (SOA. School of Office Administration)
  • Social health and Community Development
  • Social network and Children Development
  • Leadership master training
  • Computer courses.


  • High School certificateIMG_0508
  • Two-years of Bible College with a diploma
  • 24 credit hours with the University of the Nations
  • Eight years ministry experience in YWAM.


IMG_0820Girl’s Baby Home

“Destitute’s Charitable Trust”


THE EPIC BATTLE IS ON – The government only wanted us who live in the East to have one child. Because of customs in India, girls are very expensive to care for and raise, so everyone wants a boy. As you know, in villages, some people were killing the infant girls and we rescued them from death. These people didn’t want to get caught by the police so their paperwork they gave us was incorrect. Now, we are in an epic battle to keep the girls out of very “bad orphanages.” Thus far we have borrowed and spent $15,000 in legal fees. We are expecting to spend another $6000.

We need 21 churches to have a fundraiser to raise $1,000 each of our children so we can finis4-Kelsey-ah this epic struggle.

ON TOP OF THIS! This academic year 2016-2017 nine of our girls have to go to a new school and they are requiring–you guest it–Birth Certificates.

Because of the higher education, no schools are accepting the girls except for one very bad school. One international school finally did gave us a break and it is the very best school in our state; they accepted our girls. Their tuition proves their excellence. It is “Alwin International Public school”

00The tuition for each girl averages about $700 each. We must pay this fees before 15th of April 2016.

This battle for the birth certificate is an epic battle that is catching us on all fronts. We must fight it upfront and legally. We must do everything right. All eyes are on upon us…we need your help!

Please consider doing a fundraiser in your church (community garage sale, car washes, bake sales, etc) and raising $1000. We also need for each church to hang a picture of one of our children on the wall. We need one new person out of each of the 21 churches to support our girls education at $26.00 a month. This $26.00 a month will take care of about half of one child’s education needs per month. As a new supporter, the finances will be designated to help the girls go to this new school. This is urgent and it is need. Please pray!

In His service with His children,

Russsal and Kumari

You can follow us and our girls lives through the following ways:

Erika_writingGirl’s Baby Home
“Destitute’s Charitable Trust”

Girls Baby Home is governed with five members based at Chennai, India, established with registration No. 2278 dt.23-06-2006.

We are registered under Sec.12 AA of the IT Act. We have yearly audits and maintain all records and books.

Who is the next responsible to the Baby Home?

At this moment Kumari and I are overseeing the Baby Home. We take care of all things. After us, or if anything would happen to us, then one of the board member’s would take over the responsibilities. All the paper and legal documents have beem written out. Additionally, we have found great potential and leadership skills with our first baby, Grace. We pray one day she will take over the Home.

Our current need is as follows…

Rs.  USD
House Rent 15000  $      375.00
Food & Gas on avg. 7000  $      175.00
Milk 3000  $      75.00
Clothes 2000  $      50.00
Hospitality 1000  $       25.00
Medical for 12 3500  $        87.50
Electric Bill 5300  $      132.50
3 Staff 3000 each 9000  $      225.00
Telephone 3300  $      82.50
Office Maintenance 1000  $          25.00
Auditing Fee 7000  $       175.00
Diesel & Petrol 3500  $        87.50
Car Loan 13000  $       325.00
House and Kitchen Maintenance 3000  $        75.00
Elderly Parent Care 3000  $     75.00
Recreation 1000  $       25.00
Tuition Fee for 9 Children 4300  $      107.50
          School additional fees for 9 4500  $     112.50
          School Books 1350  $       33.75
         School Uniforms 1875  $        46.88
Annual Summer Vacation Trip 3000  $       75.00
Car Insurance 1700  $        42.50
97325  $ 2,433.13

As our babies grow, the financial needs also expand. For each and everything we look unto God, He is so faithful.  We are always seeing His previsions meet our daily needs in amazing ways.

Every month we need – Rs. 97,325 ($ 2433)

Each month we need an additional $825 in support to meet our budget.

Could you please pray about supporting our babies! Your continued prayers and the financial support are important to our infant rescue work.

You can follow us and our girls lives through the following ways:



1 Grace_2006 2 Angel_2006