Rose of Sharon Orphanage Volume 2603

Rev.M.P.Prasanna Kumar – Director
M. Emmannuel Dutt - Project Administrator

God is good all the time. We praise God for His many fold blessings and for partners who not only pray with us but also support us in many ways. It is our prayer that God blesses you and enables you to do much more for His glory. We praise God for the new academic session that we could begin from 12th June onwards. And we are glad to write June-July’16 report and some of the noteworthy ways in which we have received the Lord’s blessings.


new staff

New Staff: For quite some time we were on the lookout for a cook and a gardener, with much prayers and long waiting the Lord has finally blessed us with two new working staff to fill these posts. We praise God all the more for their commitment and dedication towards the Children’s home.

New ChildrenWelcoming new kids to the home: This year the Lord has added seven new children to our children’s home from age 7years to 12years. We are glad that we could cater to most of their basic needs like giving them a neat haircut, providing clean clothes both for school and home, school bags, slippers, providing clean water and healthy meals. The girls are getting slowly adjusted to the new environment and coping well with the senior inmates. The new girls have been enrolled at the local government primary school in and they love going to school every day. The senior girls in the home have resumed their academic studies in the Junior High School. Hemapriya is just about to finish her Diploma in Teacher Training in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state. Mamta and Manju also continue to pursue their nursing training in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh state respectively.

children' actvityActivities of the home: We praise God for the daily activities that can take place every day in the Children’ home. Every evenings after returning from school the girls gets busy with activities like games, leisure reading, gardening and social work like cleaning the campus, rooms and their surroundings. To help develop their gifts and talents on some weekends the girls are taught singing and dancing by volunteer/s from Chennai city, they are also taught Bible stories on regular basis.

Projects in progress: The saplings planted are growing and taking shape to make the campus greener. The kitchen gardening is of success as it relieved us from buying fruits and vegetables from the market. With the appointment of a proper gardener we hope and believe that there will be much more progress in this area. Recently we bought a solar inverter for the home to provide power supply when there is power cut.

Prayer points:
• Praise God for the precious life of the children and His protection upon them.
• Praise God for the new working staff and the present staff.
• Pray for the health of the staff and the children.
• Pray for good relationship with the villagers.
• Pray for the spiritual and physical needs of the children and staff to be met.

Special needs of the home: please see Special Projects

Staff on Role
Rev.M.P.Prasanna Kumar – Director
M.Emmanuel Dutt- Project Administrator



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