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image1Church Planting & Mercy Ministry
Mark and Hepsibah

I hope that you all are doing well. I bring greeting to you in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ from my family. Thank you so much for the prayerful, faithful, generous and consistence support. Your support has been significant and impacting our family life and ministry here. Thank you!


image2Family News:
David martin he is studying in second standard, he is very much interest to play cricket. By the God Grace he is doing well. Grace Martina was in fourth grade, she is quite busy in her school assignment. She was growing very fast. She is reached my solders. She is very much interest in dance. Hepsi working very hard, she is talking care family and Ministries. And also Day care and Tailoring, She is very busy from morning 9 a.m to 4. P.m. by the God grace is strengthening her. I taking care the Church planting and Evangelism, every weeks four days I will be in Villupuram and three days in Colachel for the Church Planting. It make me some time very tried but God help me and strengthening me by His Grace. Please uphold us in your prayers.



Church Planting Ministries going well. I see the chances from the people they were growing and walking in His ways. From the book of Mark: 16: 17-18. It’s becomes active in among my congregation mist. They were tasted the bible truth and they were able to do a God’s work among their community with healing & miracles. God was using them powerfully! Amen!!!



POWER OF GOD STORY – Name Vethaammal she is 65 years old, she suffering chest pain for more than two years. She went lot’s up checkup and taking Lot’s up medicine but nothing workout. One day she came and talking to my church believer name Mariya thangam she said to her to believe Christ He will heal you without cast. He will make you set you free. So the elderly lady said I believe can you pray for me? So the believer lady said to her you can come to Sunday Service that time my Pastor will be there he will pray for you. But the elderly Lady replay you pray for me now please. My believer she doesn’t know what she said. Because she had fear if I pray for her if she not healed my prayer its make her unbelief about Christ, Finally she said I pray for you she took her bible and opened book of Mark chapter 16: 17-18. She read the verse loudly and prayed proclaim the authority which God give from the Mark chapter 16:17 and 18. Suddenly she heard the tremble noise very loudly when she heard the noise she was little afraid she never open her eyes she prayed with at the top of her voice with some minutes later she finished prayer she open her eyes she saw the lady was lay down she helped her to getup. While she came to conscious she said to her when you praying that time I couldn’t stand something pulls me to down some weight leaved from my body. Now I feel free from the pain and body and No pain in my chest after that. When she is heard this from she was very Happy and she testify this with us in Sunday service. God is still leaving God! Amen.

image5Evangelism- GOD IS MOVING:
We evangelist this month more then 350 to 400. This month one youth team came from Chennai. We focused two villages one it’s called Vinayagapuram other is called Thamari Kulam. Weekly two days we were going for evangelism to these places. So I used this youth team on these villages. God really open their Heart, they were listen what we shared, 37 of them given their life to God and more of them putting interest to fellow Christ and 30 percent of people they don’t want accept Christ as their Personal savior but they were came and prayed from us.

image6Small Group Ministry - LOVING ONE ANOTHER:
I am running two care groups, one is in Villupuram another one is in Colachel,. In Villupuram care group there are 6 people to gather on Wednesday. In Colachel there are 11 people gathered in Saturday. Each group is going very nicely. Whenever we gathered there is a Joy and peace we had.
image7Day care center: TAKING CARE OF THE CHILDREN OF THE POOR SO PARENTS CAN WORK – We have 27 kids right now in our day care center. All of them are Hindu. Five days a week they are coming to our center. Every day one hour compulsory, we teach them Christian songs and stories. The Kids are learning very quickly what we teach them. Many kids are signing these songs in their home. The Hindu parents came and told to us.  Here one very interesting stories. The child’s name is Sarathi he is 3 ½ years old. He said to his mom was crying and this boy went near to her and stretch his hand to his mom head and prayed sothiram, sothiram, sothiram, sothiram (it means praise the Lord!) and Amen! After he said to his mother, she don’t cry any more. The mother came and told to what had happened. We didn’t know what to say to this Hindu woman so we gave her this verse: Psalms: 8:2 “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.” The mother walked away with very happy.

Tailoring School for image8Women:
We are running a new school to help with the community and aid in our church planting. Currently we have 14 new female students with no trade skills of any kind. Through this school, God is doing wonderful things among them. First of all, we have a time to talk to them every day. Through that many, of the women come and share their problems to Hepsi. This makes it is easier for her to counsel them and share the Good news of Christ to them. Many have told Hepsi that they we were very afraid to share their problems to one another but after a while of tailoring together they started to feel very comfortable to share. We thank God His faithfulness to us because He can see the good in all people. He can make those who feel worthless, have hope by learning a new trade and giving them a new life. All the Glory Goes to God alone!
image9Counseling Center:
A young girl Named Stella. She is very stubborn and quick temper personality we know her personally so that she openly shared what going on with her father. She didn’t talk to her father past 4 months, her father working in Indian railways he said to her after my retirement I help you to get my job in railways. So she had hope and dream in working as a staff in railway. But her father without her knowingly he is got that job to his elder son, when she knows this she was full and full hunger and bitterness about her father. So we counseled her to forgive him and talking with her how God’s forgiveness. After our conversation she was very much free in emotionally and physically, and we said to go ask God for forgiveness and openly talk to your father. She did at same day! Her parent so surprise because her so much stubborn. She told all that with her parent so they called us and said thanks!

Thank you so much for your gifts and help. Without you, we would not be part of these stories. We are grateful to God and you! Many blessings to you.

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