Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Corona infection rate has started to increase again in our state since July 30. Shopping malls and some businesses in the main areas of C* city have been ordered to close until August 9th. If it increases, further curfews will be imposed across the state. Please keep us in your prayers.

I have been doing outdoor activities in the church planting ministries. God gave us this wonderful opportunity for ministry. The last fifteen days, I have been wandering around my church planting area by bike. After three and a half months of curfew days, I have visited all the people with some other believers accompanying me for a big discipleship and planning meeting.

By the abundant grace of God, I am conducting and preaching the discipleship classes for adults in three villages. We regularly have 12-15 people in attendance. I am very happy to continue in these villages. Please pray for these useful gatherings.

During the curfew days, I was sharing the gospel and leading people in prayer by conference phone call prayers. Through this effort, 16 people showed interest to attend the village local evening house prayers and Sunday common worship. I am trying to meet each one in person in their homes. So far I have been able to reach out to nine of them during the last two weeks. I will continue to try to reach all of them. Some of the people have gone to other towns searching for new jobs. I will try to meet with their families to support them.

After reopening our churches, we have nine persons getting ready to take baptism. Four of them may delay getting baptized and do it later on. The reason for them being hesitant is that their parents will scold them if they take baptism. I am counseling them to stand in that way. Please pray for them to be strengthened in their faith, take a stand for it and that the baptism service will be held soon. Please pray for me in the coming month of August that God Himself will give me new plans in these particular situations and guide me to reach new places and new people.

I do not know when I will start doing all the ministries (see last year’s pics below) again like the Gospel film shows, Gospel van team ministries, door-to-door Gospel tract evangelism, Gospel programs on the local television, prayer walks, and open-air Gospel meetings in the villages of my church planting area.

Please pray that God will guide me in this ministry in the coming new month. May God open the doors again to do His Kingdom works in His big ways for the BIG harvest.

With love and prayers,