Teaching Evangelism & Changing Lives

Samuel Paul

As you may know, I have been able to teach “The Lamb of God” evangelism course at a local college. After the recent graduation ceremony, we met with the students and received several testimonies.

B* Though I have been doing ministry for a long time, I didn’t know what real forgiveness is. After I attended this class, I felt very ashamed of myself. For the past 15 years, I haven’t spoken to my mother and I wasn’t able to forgive her. Through this teaching, God spoke to me. I forgave my mother. I went to my mother and asked her to forgive me. Now we are both speaking and have a good relationship. Secondly, whenever an argument comes with my husband, I was thinking that I am right and he made a mistake. I usually started to accuse him. But this teaching totally changed my character. I came to realize that I only am making mistakes. Now I go to my husband and tell him I am sorry. He accepts me. Now we are having a very happy life. Thanks a lot for this teaching.

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P. Samuel Paul