Village Church Teaching Literacy and Math!

Nurse Priscilla
Villages of North India
YWAM Campus

The new church we helped plant in the north part of India amongst the tribal people has started an after-school tutoring program.

Currently, we have two young men and a couple of 9th graders who are helping us give lessons in math and teaching the little ones how to read. This past week we had 12 children come. We are praying that this new ministry will be a great outreach to the Hindus and to all the illiterate women.

One young girl, Komitha, is extremely afraid and shy to come and learn. She doesn’t even know her alphabets in her native tongue. I have taken her under my wing and I’m encouraging her and praying for her. She has started to try to learn. Praise God!

We are having heavy rains. Please pray for us. We have lots of sick people who are coming to my house for medicine.

God Bless,

Nurse Priscilla Poongodi